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This is a song by the indie rock band, The War on Drugs. It’s the third and final track on their 1994 album, “The Great Indoors EP.

“happy trails” is a song by the indie rock band, The War on Drugs. Its the third and final track on their 1994 album, The Great Indoors EP.

The song seems to be a bit of an anthem for anyone who has ever had to deal with a major life-or-death situation. I’m sure there are some people who would argue that it’s not really that relevant to anyone else’s life, but I just can’t get enough of it.

It’s a pretty intense song to say the least, but that’s the point. When someone is facing a really big life-or-death situation they usually do all they can to keep themselves busy and productive. That’s what The War on Drugs did with their song, happy trails. They got their creative juices flowing and made the song about dealing with life’s big problems, and how to make it better.

The lyrics to happy trails go like this: “Homesickness leads to bitterness, and vice versa. When I was a child, I used to visit my grandmother. She was very sick, but she always sent me presents, and I used to get a lot of them. I loved her very much and always got her my presents. Now she is gone, and I have no one to send presents to anymore. I think I deserve them, so I will keep sending them.

The song is based off of a line in one of my favorite books, “Goodnight Moon”. I love the feeling of a good meal, and a good bed, and the feeling of someone loving me. The lyrics are about how we all get a small taste of our problems, and then we either move on and get through it, or we never get a taste at all. The best part about the song is that the lyrics are still valid today.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Roush, author of Happy Trails and Happy Trails: A Story of Magic and Love, a new book that tells the story of how the book came to be. I also gave him a copy of the song on my Amazon music reader. The song is a personal favorite of mine and is a great reminder of how much we can all learn from each other and how to live our lives with integrity.

And I can never thank Chris enough for his great work. He has been at the forefront of the music world’s movement of the last few decades. He has written dozens of songs that have impacted generations of music fans and now he is writing the story of how Happy Trails came about.

I can’t sing the song because my voice is too low. But I can describe it to you, and it is pretty much the complete story of how I was introduced to the song when I was a teenager. I had just finished a band called the High Spots and was heading home after a gig at a club.

We’ve seen the trailer for Happy Trails a few times already. But this time, it’s even better. The score is full of lush, orchestral tracks, lush, orchestral lyrics, and a great soundtrack. I love the way the camera moves from the action to the music. It makes the whole thing feel natural and organic and doesn’t feel like it was cut and pasted together.

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