Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About radio ad for a restaurant

I had the pleasure recently of being on a radio ad for a restaurant. It was on a commercial for a restaurant called a “fancy,” which is a restaurant that serves pretty fancy food. One of the things that I will never get tired of hearing is that the food has to be really good. I have never really understood why this is a requirement.

I agree that the food has to be good. But it is also important to give people reasons to want to eat there and make them feel a connection to the restaurant. It doesn’t have to be just because it’s the kind of place you have the urge to eat at.

My favorite thing about this restaurant ad, however, is the use of the term “fancy”. I’ve always assumed that fancy was really a fancy word for expensive, but the chef says that it’s a word that refers to something more refined. I have no idea why this would be, but it really does make it seem as though he’s using fancy to refer to something more sophisticated than the average fancy restaurant.

The reason I use fancy is so that food doesn’t have to be expensive. I don’t make fancy meals, I make them at least once a week. Even if I had to make a lot of fancy meals, I wouldn’t have to make them at all, and I could probably do it more often.

The chef of the restaurant is actually the manager. I mean, he’s not actually the chef either. For the sake of clarity, he is called the manager in the game. When you take the game to a restaurant, you get a menu, a table, and a waiter. The waiter stands at your table, and tells you what to order. If its a fancy dinner and you order the main course, you get a fancy menu.

Basically, we’re asking the waiter for the chef to take our order. The waiter will then say, “what do you want?” and then the chef will say, “how many plates do you want?” and the waiter will say, “yes sir” and then the chef will say, “okay” and then the waiter will walk away, as if he is simply doing his job.

The menu is the very first thing on our menu. This menu is the only way you can get a new menu, and it’s a very basic one. If your restaurant is just going to have a few menu items on it, you can’t go ahead and order the menu without the waiter noticing.

The waiter then notices that we are there, that we are the first three people of the day and he looks at our order, and looks at our waiter, and at our chef, and then he walks away, and we are left with a very basic menu that is very easy to order or not.

The only problem is that we are all ordering the same thing: a very basic menu. We all get the same basic thing and the waiter does not notice what is in our food. Because the waiter can’t see what is in our food, and we are all ordering the same thing, he just goes ahead and does what he can to make our food look and feel the same.

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