reddit captions: Expectations vs. Reality

My favorite post that we feature? The one with the captions for all the r/w/o/c threads on Reddit. This is a great way to read and share your thoughts with others.

The best part about the Reddit posts is that they’re very short.

We’ve been getting some requests to include captions in each of our posts. We were going to do this last week but decided that it might not be a good idea. All of the posts that we feature are longer, more detailed, and include a lot of content. We just haven’t found a way to do it yet. We’re still getting requests from Reddit users, but we figured it was best to just not include them in the posts.

Reddit keeps telling us that we should only include them in posts, but I bet it’s not as bad as you think. We’ve had requests to include them in our posts since the moment we submitted them. The only reason I think you’re being so rude is because of the amount of times people have posted with the words “You have a problem?” or “The girl you just laid eyes on is beautiful.

The problem is that not everyone is on Reddit, and sometimes the captions are in the wrong form. For example, one of our users has a problem with her ex-boyfriend’s caption, and it reads: You have a problem with your ex-boyfriend.

The other thing that frustrates us is that the captions are in the wrong order.

Reddit is a place where people are often very generous with their time, but when they see a problem with a certain caption they usually make sure not to put it in the wrong order. The problem is that sometimes the order is important.

Some captions take an extra step and make it seem like the person who wrote the caption is just being mean. For example, someone put an “A-” next to a name, making their name sound like an “A.” An example of this is one of our users is a very nice person, but when they write that she has a problem with her ex-boyfriends name, it reads You have a problem with your ex-boyfriend.

One of the problems with how captions are ordered is that we think they are supposed to be easier to read, but some people prefer to read their captions in a certain order. So we put the names of our readers into a sort of alphabetical order. This makes it easier for people to read them, but sometimes it’s just easier to just read them all in alphabetical order.

So, like any of the other memes out there, this one is a little bit more complicated than the others. All the memes that come along with this one are really good and worth the time you invest.

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