20 Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing About why can’t i select multiple photos on instagram story

It’s a weird one, but I can’t seem to select multiple images from a story. It’s as if the images are selected but they don’t show up. I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

It’s not really working for me because there’s no way to select multiple photos with Instagram Story. To select multiple images you have to make a call to the story editor and then manually select it again. It’s not really something I’ve had to worry about.

You can get around this by going to the story editor’s settings and making a few tweaks. One way to do this is to select multiple images (with more than one) and then select them all again. Another way to do this is to double click on the story editor (see screenshot on the left).

Instagram is getting crazy with the ability to select photos. To choose multiple photos in Instagram Story you click on the camera icon on the top left of your screen and then select the images you want. The only problem is that you have to manually select them again with Instagram.

It’s still not pretty, but at least it’s something. Instagram Stories can now select up to 3 photos at a time, so it’s a bit more convenient for Instagram.

I personally prefer getting multiple photos if you’re using Instagram Stories because the gallery you select is not quite as large, so I can’t tell you how many photos are there.

Instagram Stories has its own unique interface for selecting photos, which is a little awkward to use, but it works quite well. If you wish to use the same camera icon on your Instagram Stories posts as you use on Instagram, make sure you select the same image on both apps. Otherwise if you are using Instagram Stories as your main Instagram app, then you will have to manually select the images you want to edit, which is annoying.

If you’re reading this because you’re a fan of Instagram Stories, then you probably already know that you can edit images directly from the Instagram app. You can even select different photos from your phone’s camera on that Instagram app. Insta Stories is a totally different app that has a completely different interface (except for the fact that the search icon is the exact same).

Since Instagram Stories is the app for IG stories, we’re assuming that people who post photos on Instagram Stories often want to edit them. The only thing that may make it even more frustrating is that Instagram Stories doesn’t allow you to create multiple stories from one photo. This means you have to manually select the different photos you want to edit.

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