why is instagram not showing my story views

I’ve recently learned that Instagram is not able to show a user’s story views on their profile. This is something we’ve been working on and have been testing out for a while now.

Ive tried to figure out the reason before but it has simply not been working. Instagrams API doesnt allow me to query the views of any user.

To be clear, there is no API to request that information. We’re working on it, but so far all I know is that it is a fairly new feature, so it could take a while to get there. In the meantime, if you want to see your story views on Instagram, you can click the star that appears in your story in the top left corner of the screen.

I should note that Instagram has a great feature in the works that will allow you to see your likes, dislikes, and who follows you. I’m not sure what it is yet, but it will be a big improvement over the way you see your story views.

For the time being, the Instagram stories feature doesn’t seem to be showing your story views. This is probably because other Instagram users are seeing your story views, but not seeing your likes. It may also be a bug in the Instagram app itself. It should be fixed soon.

The Instagram stories are a bit slow to load now that you’re using the app for Instagram. They’re not loading at all for me. I find it hard to believe that a single instagram story is ever loading. I have been using Instagram to watch my stories, but it’s not working. So I have to click on the first of the images at the bottom left to see the first one. Once I look at the instagram stories, I can’t see what’s been happening.

That being said, it may be just that your account has been suspended, or that you may be using a different Instagram app.

Instagram is owned by Instagram, Inc. They are a company that have had a really tough time lately. Theyve been caught up in a lawsuit that has caused them to be sued and taken out of stock. They have also been hit by two billion-dollar legal fees when their Instagram app was hacked. The new CEO, Kevin Systrom, has said that he wants to start over.

I know this is still a big unknown, but Instagram needs to be allowed to become more self-sufficient. Thats going to involve some changes both in their business practices and in how they sell their products and images. They need to become more self-aware to stay competitive and to allow them to continue to grow.

Instagram already has their own analytics and business management software, so they need to find a way to be more proactive in trying to improve their overall business practices. If they can find a way to become more self-aware, they can do this without having to buy Instagram. Of course, that would require a major change in how they sell their products and images.

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