How to Explain why isn’t my youtube search working to a Five-Year-Old

I have to say that I am not a YouTube addict. It is just not my thing. I like to take a break from the whole thing from time to time, and the fact that it is a website where you can watch videos that are free to watch and you don’t have to pay to do so is just great. But there is a problem with the search engine. It is not allowing me to use the site.

The problem is that you have to register to view your videos. YouTube is not asking you to. You can use but not the site.

Well, the site is still up. But it isn’t letting me use it. I’ve registered with the site and I still cant get it to work.

YouTube has been working fine for a while now, but the problem is that every time they make a major update, they make it more and more difficult to use. A few days ago, for example, they had to disable certain features. Because of this, I have to use the site with I dont know if youtube.comuseryoutube is actually working but its not working.

While I can’t get the site to work, I can still get to see a couple of videos I’ve saved there. And that’s good enough for me. is the YouTube search engine. It is a service that allows people with a YouTube account to search for videos using YouTube’s search engine. So if you have a YouTube account, just type in It will return a list of videos that are available on YouTube.

Can I just leave this one alone? And if I say yes, what I mean is, I can’t get the site to work…

You’ve put your camera on, you’ll be taken to a place called Dead Zone. It’s one of the first places we’ll be able to find people who use the internet for free. The site is very popular.

Dead Zone is a place where anyone can be taken offline from life with no explanation or warning. After a seemingly innocuous video (which looks like normal YouTube video) ends, you go to a place where the camera is attached to your body. There you can be left on an island of white light for days on end. If you don’t die, you can be taken back to your home world, back to the day before yesterday.

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