The advantages of living in patio homes and related details 

Going through any real estate website featuring homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, you will find the mention of patios in many of them. These homes have become increasingly popular among property buyers, particularly the elderly.

Living in a patio house has several advantages over single-family dwellings. These houses stand beside each other, each sharing a wall and usually consisting of one or a half stories.

Most people searching for patio homes for sale in Scottsdale AZ, have many things in mind while making this decision. These include safety, security, access to amenities, low maintenance, and high ROI. Each of these contributes equally to buyers making a decision.

The latest available statistics show that in 2021 realtors sold around 6,477 patios in Scottsdale, a noticeable increase from 2020, when realtors sold about 5,871 houses. Experts predict these numbers to rise in the coming years.

Best neighborhoods to buy patio homes

Scottsdale is home to several ideal neighborhoods, including N 105th Way N, N 68th Street Unit, E Hope Drive, N 73rd Place, and E Vernon Avenue. 

All the neighborhoods are safe and close to malls, restaurants, museums, art galleries, pubs, and other avenues of relaxation and recreation. 

Benefits of buying patio homes

There are several advantages to buying a patio home in Scottsdale. They are:

Low living costs

The cost of living is much lower than living in a single-family home. You can save the costs of yard work, mowing, and snow shoveling, which homeowners associations manage. (HOAs).

In Scottsdale, lawn care services cost between 100 USD to 300 USD per month, depending on your lawn’s size. Snow removal services cost 40 USD to 100 USD per visit, with higher prices for winter storms. 

Shared amenities

It has access to various amenities, including tennis courts, gyms, lounges, community spas and pools, full-service salons, shuttle services, and fitness rooms. 

Most of these amenities come with expensive membership fees, but their costs are lower in patios because the members divide the costs among themselves. A spa membership in Scottsdale (depending on which area you live in) will cost you around 600 USD as admission fees, besides annual dues and minimum spending requirements.


For the elderly section of the population, patio homes are the best choice and the reason for top-notch security. Most of these homes are located within gated communities with 24×7 guard on duty, restricted entry and advanced verification (for example, keypads).

Even though most of Scottsdale is highly safe (it is the 11th safest city in the USA), having advanced security measures is always desirable.

What are the HOA fees?

As mentioned earlier, the common spaces and amenities are looked after by HOAs, who charge a certain amount of money as maintenance charges. However, the fees might vary from one association to another, so that is something you should ask your realtor beforehand. 

For example, if you buy a home in N 68th Street Unit in Scottsdale, the HOA fees would be around 764 USD, excluding the transfer fees. Most Associations require you to pay the costs every month. 


You should look for patio homes for sale in Scottsdale, AZ, through realtors because they understand your requirements and will provide you with all the information you require before buying a house, like recent sales prices, historical data, and subdivision. Living in patio homes is convenient, comfortable and secure, and enjoyable. 

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