What Services Are Provided By Private Investigators?

Private investigation services are increasingly popular these days, as many people turn to them for help when they have questions about their personal or business affairs. For instance, firms that offer private investigations in Denver can range from simple background checks to more complex investigations involving financial and criminal matters.

. Many people find these services invaluable when trying to piece together the puzzle of their life or the life of someone they know.

Private Investigation Services are a popular choice for those who need to uncover information that is not publicly available. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of private detectives and security guards reached 12,520 jobs in 2016 in Denver. This figure is projected to grow by 27% through 2026, which indicates the demand for this type of service.

Who are private investigators?

Private investigators can use their skills and knowledge to solve problems and uncover information that others may not be able to find. They can also provide peace of mind by providing information about potential threats or issues affecting someone’s safety.

Investigators can get deep into cases and often have sensitive information to help them solve crimes. 

One of the most popular private investigation services in Denver is surveillance. This service involves monitoring an individual or object for signs of wrongdoing. Surveillance can be done from a distance or up close and personal, costing between $50 and $1,000 per hour.

Various investigations services 

No matter what your business or lifestyle, private investigators can offer a wealth of services to help you stay safe and protected.

Private investigations in Denver most often include background checks, investigations, and surveillance services. They can help with various issues, from finding out who is harassing you to catching a cheating spouse. Some private investigators also offer security services, such as guarding homes or businesses. Here are just a few of the services private investigators can provide: 

Services for investigating personal matters

Private investigators can also help investigate personal matters such as financial problems or marital issues, drug abuse, child custody, assisting in domestic violence cases, or any issue with a caretaker looking after a parent.

Services for businesses

Private investigators play a pivotal role in the business world by providing various services to them. These services include an employee background check, investigation staff theft cases, any internal business frauds, or finding sources whosoever leaked companies secrets.

Some private investigators also offer consulting services, including advice on better protecting your business and assets. In addition, private investigators are often well-connected in the industry, so they can find information that other professionals may not be able to access.

Criminal investigation services

Investigators usually cover all criminal defense cases when it comes to investigation. These cases include severe crimes like murder, rape, child abduction, or fraud.

Accident investigation services

These investigation companies are the essential tools for investigating the cause and who is responsible for the accident. In addition, an investigator will take photographs of the site of the accident, detailed interviews of witnesses, documentation, and everything related to the accident, which further helps in making the right decision.

Assets search services

Private investigators provide a wide range of services related to asset search. These services may include conducting interviews, collecting evidence, and tracking leads. 

Some common assets searched for by private investigators include real estate, personal finances, and corporate documents. In addition, asset searches can be essential in fraud or other criminal activity cases. 

Wrapping up

Private investigation services can be an invaluable tool for solving problems and gaining knowledge. With the right detective on your team, you can solve any mystery and uncover any information you need to get the job done. If you need a discreet and professional solution, look no further than a private investigator.


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